Why is Alexa flashing green?

Alexa flashing green means that someone is dropping in on your device or is trying to call you.

Flashing green ring on Alexa means someone is dropping in

How to stop Alexa flashing green

To stop the flashing green light on your Alexa device, you need to either pick up or end the call or drop in.

If you would like to answer the call, simply say “Alexa, answer” or “Alexa, pick up”.

To end the call, or drop-in, say “Alexa, hang up”, “Alexa, end call”, or “Alexa, stop drop in”.

The green light indicating a call or a drop in on Echo Dot should be bright green color.

IMPORTANT: If you see a light ring that is more lime green, it may actually be a yellow light that indicates that you have messages on notifications waiting for you.

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How to I know who is allowed to drop in on my Alexa device?

You will need to use your Alexa App to configure drop in settings.

Open your Alexa App and click on “Devices” icon on the bottom menu bar.

From your Echo devices, select the device which you would like to check.

Scroll down the device settings screen until you see “Communications” bar.

Choose Communications item under Echo device settings to turn off drop in option

Click on the “Communications” and then “Drop In” to view the current setup. You should see a similar screen:

Change drop in settings for Alexa

If you want to prevent all drop ins, just choose “Nobody can drop in” option.

A lot of people prefer to use “My Household” option to allow close family members to freely talk to each other using their echo devices but be aware that by default it gives drop in permissions to all accounts in your household.

For example, we have 3 people linked to the same household, and when I enable drop ins on the “master” account, the other 2 are automatically enabled. You can also use “Communicate” settings for each contact to manage their drop in permissions individually.

Contact drop in permissions for Alexa

Want to know about other light ring colors that Alexa uses to communicate? We put together Alexa Light Ring Colors Guide for you:

Alexa Light Ring Colors Guide Infographic

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